Electro-bike at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

I just found these awesome videos from when the Electro-Bike was being enjoyed at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

Electro-Bike @ SEAF 2011 from Elspeth Demina on Vimeo.

Electro-Bike @ SEAF 2011 (Part 2) from Elspeth Demina on Vimeo.

“Electric Feel” electro-bike featured in Gender Studies Show

tested by Department Chair, Dr. Hutchinson

The Electric Feel electro-bike is part of Virginia Commonwealth University's Gender Studies Fall/Winter art show "The Politics of Place & The Poetics of Space".

Here's a write-up in the VCU's Commonwealth Times.
“Body Flow” is showing at “Milking the Void” at More Funner Projects Gallery in Miami, FL.

“Blogs” piece wins Honorable Mention

This piece from the “Blogs” series won Honorable mention during the "Couplings" show at Gallery 110, Seattle, Washington.


Here's the show info.

Body Flow

Playing With It from _explosions on Vimeo.

Body Flow is a 6 minute silent loop.

“Electric Feel” at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

“Electric Feel”* has been selected to appear at “Red Light District”, the 2011 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival! We're super pumped and hope that Seattlites are half as freaky as Bhamsters.

*"Electric Feel" title borrowed from MGMT.
(all photos Adam McRae, Playing With It, May 2010)